when you were young (2011)


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songs from 2010-2011


released August 1, 2011



all rights reserved
Track Name: baby #3
and it's been years apart
and my baby's still alone
and i think i've fallen in love
with the whole world while you were gone
'cos the people
they got this charm...
Track Name: futures
i cant win without you
but i guess i'll have to
when you leave me for good
i'll start dreaming without you

and all the while i'm living
your life will be passing too

the more beautiful things will be
the more i see
the lonelier i'll be
without you here with me

and all the while your living
my life will be passing you
Track Name: when you were young
no you're not with me right now
but you're not that far
and what's a soul compared to
the big black backdrop
somewhere you are standing
on a pale blue dot
and don't you worry baby
'cos i'm never lost

would you cry for me at all
like you did before
when you were young?

when you're not home
then home is everywhere you're not
and are you sinking or
am i just dreaming, i don't really know
now someday you'll be leaving me
like you always do
but i see that we're ok
like we always are
(still you say)

"oh, would you cry for me at all
like you did before
when you were young?"
Track Name: crazies
i'm going crazy at home
i'm all alone again
remembering us

and i'm crazy at home

i'm all alone again just realizing i was
Track Name: feels like sweet nuthin'
i can't think of a single soul
that could need me right now
in my room alone
whenever you leave me

it was sweet nuthin'
whenever you're leaving me
feels like sweet nuthin'

'cos sometimes you mean nuthin' to me
'cos sometimes you mean nuthin' to me
Track Name: the best
can you ever forgive me
'cos you got the best heart

can you ever forgive me
{{for feeling so sad
for ever asking for more}}
Track Name: you can leave me whenever you want
lets take a trip but lets pack light
i'll just carry everything we'll need on me
yeah those are my favorite clothes of yours
you only wear it on the best days
yeah those are the shoes i picked out for you
and babe you're gonna need them

why settle down for a house now
when we've got a perfectly good car
we'll figure out everything as we're going
as we're sleeping under stars
inside of your car
babe you never looked this good before

and we will keep traveling
like we're on the run and
we'll never run out of money
we'll never run away from each other

lets take a trip and load the film
i'll take pictures of you
you'll take pictures of me
that no one else will care about
...just ourselves

and we will feel all the water
and baaaaby we'll always be warm
we can leave whenever we want

you'll feel all the water
you'll always be warm
you can leave me whenever you want!
you'll never run away